Therapy and Health Services



Konstantina Fylaktakidou, Professor of Organic Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Eva-Maria Tsapaki, Psychiatrist, Scientific Director of Agios Charalampos Mental Clinic
Agorastos Agorastos, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Aristotle University
Pelagia Vorgia, Pediatrician, Pediatric Neurologist
Elena Draconaki, Radiologist, PhD
Zoi-Dorothea Pana, Pediatrician, PhD
Vasiliki Kapaki, Doctor of Health Policy
Giorgos Giannakakis, Doctor of Medical Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vassilis Papadakis, Doctor of Physics, Research Associate




Areas of Research: 

  • Training and Research in Health Sciences
    • Health identifiers. Development and Assessment of Health markers in patients
    • Chronic Diseases
    • Nursing Practice in Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Health Care
    • Development of directives, guidelines and therapeutic strategies
    • Emergency and Disasters management
    • Simulation and development of clinical skills in Health Care Workers
    • Consulting-Training of Health Care Workers
    • Home-Health care
    • Education and Technological Training of Health and Social Care Workers
    • Planning, Design and Management of Health Care Services
    • Quality Assessment of Nursing and Health Care Services
    • Development of Personalized E-services focusing on Life Quality Managing Systems
    • Computational Intelligence & Machine Learning