Quality Assurance and Safety of food and agricultural products



Eleftherios Alyssandrakis, Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture




Areas of Research: 

  • Viticulture Technology: development of agriculture techniques for production enhancement and competitivity of bare vine roots and wine vines. Development of special viticulture methods
  • Αrboriculture – Mediterranean & subtropical cultures: recognition, registration of species and clones as well as their land. Development of cultivating techniques for the enhancement of quality and competitivity of exported products. Research on possible adjustment of tropical and subtropical species in Greece.
  • Οlive culture: study of olive physiology, of agroecological conditions and impact on cultivating methods in yield and quality of olive products. Research on olive environmental adjustment in extreme weather conditions. Enhancement of integrated olive orchand management for the protection against the olive fly bactrocera oleae.
  • Floriculture: enhancement of agriculture methods, production of propagating material, hydroponic systems, postharvest handling of flowering plants and protection of the environment especially from agro-chemical products. Study of sustainable development of wild/native species for use in floriculture and in urban spaces. Technical Support of production units for adjustment of floriculture to climate change
  • Aromatic and Pharmaceutical plants and herbs: Territorial study of native species. Development of cultivating techniques and production of guaranteed and certified Plant propagating material.
    Horticulture: development of sustainable vegetable culture systems to produce safe, nutritious crops, to minimize the effect of agriculture in the environment and to adjust vegetable culture systems to climate change. Search for novel crops and cultures and promotion of nutritional benefits of vegetables.
  • Apiculture: creation of a Genetic bank containing mellifluous plants. Olistic approach towards fighting bee parasites
  • Production of guaranteed and certified plant propagation material: development of innovative protocols for mass production of guaranteed and certified plant material with the use of in vitro technologies. Collection, rescue, preservation and remediation for the creation of original healthy propagation material.
  • Postharvesting technology and Agricultural Products Quality: development, assessment and implementation of enhancement techniques and methods, and of quality preservation in the production of extra virgin olive oil, vine products, fruit, vegetables and flowers. Innovative quality control with olistic approaches to the supply chain.
  • Food Safety and Quality: Food Quality Assurance. Development of methods to detect fraudulent products. Identification of food ingredients and components. Procedures to qualify products as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)/ PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Αssessment of production methods, of safe high quality food, with minimal environmental impact.