Management of landscape and environmental Natural Resources



Panayiotis Nektarios, Professor, Department of Agriculture, Hellenic Mediterranean University




Areas of Research: 

  • Management of natural resources: management and remediation of degraded soils. Management of natural resources and of geo environmental data with the use of geodata information systems, remote sensing and drones. Natural resources modelling for optimal use.
  • Agriculture hydraulics and hydrogeology: assessment of terrain hydraulic characteristics, design of pumping and of smart water supply systems. Management and quality control of distributing water. Research on availability and condition of sub terrain water supplies with the use of geophysical methods.
  • Exploitation of organic, agricultural and industrial waste in agrofarming production: Solar drying technology for optimal fertilizer and compost production as well as for repurposing/transforming food waste to animal feed
  • Circular economy and agricultural production
  • Development of green areas in urban and exurban landscapes: Establishment and optimization of safety standards and innovative methods for facility management of urban green areas, athletic lawn turf/grass, green roofs, vertical gardens and replanting of large plants.
  • Landscape Architecture: study design and optimization of methodology for Landscape evaluation, Analysis and restoration. Certification of materials and operations in Landscape Architecture
  • Agroecology and eco power systems: research on biotic and abiotic components and management of agro ecosystems and composition of managing plans. Environmental impact of infrastructure projects in agriculture systems and in rural landscape. Design, Development and dissemination of ecopower/ organic agriculture systems and οf sustainable crop systems.